Of course Robert Mueller “destroyed” House democrats when brought in last week for his deposition.

Mr. Mueller stated in advance that he would not exceed the contents of the information lawmakers already had from his prior report on his investigation into interference in the 2016 election. And Mr. Mueller is, indisputably, one of the most brilliant depositional tacticians on the planet at present. So, they were dealing with the ultimate ringer, and naturally, it was an extremely sloped playing field with no real potential for groundbreaking headlines.

But, even so, we want to note the more important point that arises from this event: the goal of finding an excuse to move to impeach Donald Trump is a trap for the political Left in the US. And, furthermore, we believe it is such an obvious trap that the narrative running through the mainstream media covering this theme is very misleading, as we will explain here.

The average voter mistakenly understands “impeachment” to be effectively equivalent to “removal of a president from office for cause”. This is far off the mark. If the House introduces and passes a motion to impeach, the only consequence will be the initiation of a hearing completely managed by a Republican-controlled Senate, destined to be focused on indiscretions by Democrats and ultimately holding a 0% chance of removal of Mr. Trump from office.

It would be nothing more than political theater with symbolic meaning.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who is frequently portrayed as playing chess in a house full of checkers players in preventing an impeachment motion, clearly understands this. But, more importantly, we believe that everyone else does, too. Representatives that appear to be champing at the bit to impeach are likely involved in political theater of their own for the purpose of controlling votes in campaigns next year given the average voter’s lack of understanding of the impeachment process.

The consequences of impeachment would likely be as follows:

First, one would almost certainly see conservative media sources have a field day characterizing the move as a sign that the political left is trying to cheat and use sacrosanct protocols to undermine the proper course of democracy. That would serve to unify the right, pulling McCain/Romney Republicans back into Trump’s flock, and increasing the overall turnout from Republican voters in the general election.

Second, the Senate, who will conduct the impeachment hearing, and who is controlled by the GOP, would be able to decide what evidence to allow and what witnesses to swear in. They would proceed to stack the deck in Trump’s favor and find any excuse to put on stage the most damaging factors for the Democratic party in front of next year’s elections.

Third, because he would be on trial, Trump’s lawyers would be granted a discovery process that would allow them to depose, under oath, basically anyone they want. They could subpoena Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazile, or even Joe Biden, or dig into Pelosi’s emails. Anything and everything that could hurt the Democratic party’s image would surely be dug up and spread across the screen for all to see.

Fourth, the Senate would almost certainly conclude affairs by ruling decisively in favor of Trump, publicly exonerating him on an official level, and clearing his name legally as President.

For all of these reasons, we believe that, even if a majority of House Dems express a public desire for impeachment, it ain’t gonna happen.


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