For those watching the reality TV show of American Primary politics, one’s first instinct is to shake one’s head in remorse and perhaps a tinge of disgust that such a cheap, superficial, sound-bite-laden, insubstantial process has come to play the part of the locus of faith for a democratic solution to problems as expensive, profound, nuanced, and substantial as health care, climate change, economics, and the foreign policy regime set to define the world’s relationship with its greatest geopolitical superpower for years to come.

But, there we are. Zingers into a commercial break. A few misleading stats. Why not throw in a fart joke or two for good measure?

At the same time, members of the political Left in the US are united in the idea that all of this boils down to one monumental objective: get control of the White House out of the hands of Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump, as you may recall, proved himself to be a master of this very process, rising to prominence in a Republican primary race in 2015-16 that was uncannily similar in its character to what we have seen this time around from the Democrats.

One might even say the Dems are currently vying for a chance to go up against the current king of the cheap, superficial, sound-bite-laden, insubstantial slugfest of the modern American presidential debate stage.

Hence, even though it may make you a bit nauseous to watch, it’s probably quite important as a process because, next fall, a new president is going to be crowned. And anyone who can’t fare well in that type of arena is a dealbreaker down the stretch.

Survival of the fittest. With fart jokes.


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