Image courtesy of Global News

Image courtesy of Global News

Ever wonder what celebrity couples are usually up to behind closed doors? Well, Jennifer Lopez and former basketball superstar Alex Rodriguez decided to give us a glimpse of the kind of fun they have, and it may include wearing each other’s clothes.

I bet you never thought you would see A-Rod rocking JLo’s dress, but life has a cheeky way of proving us wrong. We did, in fact, get to see A-Rod clad in Lopez’s dress in a video and, I dare say he looked quite elegant. However, he was not quite as ravishing as Jennifer, whom, despite being 50-years-old, somehow looks better than most 20-year-olds and has curves for days.

The video clip of the two A-listers was courtesy of a viral TikTok challenge called “Flip the switch,” which has been trending. JLo and A-Rod decided to jump on the bandwagon with their rendition of the challenge. The video features Rodrigues looking quite serious and boss-like in some dark sunglasses,  a blue blazer, a white shirt, and some gray khakis while holding an iPhone seemingly recording the video in front of a mirror with Jennifer Lopez next to him.

It is surprising that Rodriguez managed to fit into JLo’s dress, considering how huge he is. On the other hand, it is clear in the video that A-Rod’s clothes are too big for his significant other. They both somehow managed to do the challenge without bursting into laughter.

Lopez, who is clad in a beautiful pull-neck long sleeve white dress, starts dancing erotically, but at some point, the video switches to her recording with the iPhone while wearing A-Rod’s entire outfit. Meanwhile, A-Rod wears Lopez’s outfit as he mimics her erotic dance moves.

It was rather nice seeing the couple having fun. The two have been together since 2017, and they officially marked they celebrated their 2nd anniversary just a month ago on February 4. A-Rod even included a heartfelt message on a social media post on the day of their anniversary. We are just glad to see that the beautiful couple is doing well, and they are clearly having fun.

Featured Image: @arod Instagram 


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