Amber Portwood vehemently denies that she attacked her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, with a machete as alleged by persecutors. That is the stance the Teen Mom OG star maintains a year barely after being sentenced to 2.5 years of probation.


While admitting there was an altercation, the Teen Mom insists he never raised a machete on her then-boyfriend as well as one-year-old son James.  With the charges on her record, Amber insists she is trying to learn from her mistakes while acknowledging things could have turned better had she been in control of the situation.

A sneak peek of a two-hour season hit show set to premiere on MTV uncovers the scars of what actually went wrong.

“The No. 1 regret I have is that I did not walk out of that house on that night. Now I look back, and I am so ashamed because all I keep thinking about is, ‘Amber! You should have walked out of that house.’ There are limits to somebody with mental health disorders,” Amber is heard saying as she sat down with her supportive ex Gary Shirley.

Amber regrets not being herself during the time of the altercation that plunged her into the current mess.  She admits that it has been the hardeqst time of her life, having left her family and friends down.  However, she admits working hard to regain her self-control and make sure things do not slip up ever again.

Even as her future is uncertain, Portwood remains appreciative of her ex Teen Mon castmate Gary Shirley that has stood by her side during these trying moments.

Hanging around her knack now is the two and a half years’ probation. She also has to attend parenting classes as ordered by the judge.  For those looking to catch up with the Teen Mom, her show The Teen Mom OG will be airing March 17 at 8 PM on MTV.

Featured Image: @amberportwoodfans Instagram


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