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Kylie Jenner is still hair goals even without her hair extensions which were so long that they reached her waist. The young reality show star only rocked her extensions for just a few weeks but it looks like she may not have liked them that much because they are gone.

Kylie’s stylists managed to keep her looking A-plus

The young mother of one decided to grace her Instagram fans with her new hair journey on Monday, showcasing her short bob hairstyle in a video after dying her roots. Of course, she still looks amazing even with the short hair, and later on, she posted another Insta Story in which she had tied the short hair into a beautiful ponytail.

The impressive hair job is courtesy of Kylie’s new hairstyle is courtesy of her colorist Cassondra Kaeding and her hairstylist Lovette Candice. The new hairdo comes roughly a month after Kylie’s previous hair drama with her previous hairstylist Jesus Guerrero whom she accused of unauthorized trimming of her hair.

Kylie seems happy with her short natural hair length

Image courtesy- Instagram

Judging by her reaction in the Instagram videos that she posted on her page, Kylie is clearly happy with her new hairstyle despite the fact that it is a short hairstyle. The 22-year-old has since then been posting lots of photos and videos to celebrate the new hairstyle.

The new hairstyle is definitely shorter compared to her previous waist-length hair courtesy of extensions. However, it is still of considerably long length. It is also a nice treat to her 165.4 million Instagram fans.

Interestingly, Kylie seems to be rocking slightly longer hair in her latest Instagram photos, suggesting that she may have added some extensions. If that is the case, the new extensions are moderately done, allowing her hair to flow half-way down her back.

Image source- Instagram

Of course, she looks cute in all her photos regardless of whether she has short hair. But we reckon that the cutest photos she has uploaded on the Gram lately are those of her daughter Stormi looking super cute.

Featured Image: @kyliejenner Instagram


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