Love always wins. That is precisely what has happened a week barely after Chad Johnson had to face the full force of the law for allegedly battering his girlfriend, Annalise Mishler. It now appears that the two lovebirds are back together even as the Ex Bachelorette tries to clear his name on two counts of vandalism.


According to media reports, Johnson had to be refrained by law enforcers after things got physical at her girlfriend’s apartment. Mishler reportedly called 911 after her boyfriend became unruly after getting drunk. It is alleged that the bad boy from the Bachelorette punched a hole in the wall and also got physical with the girlfriend

Upon responding, police officers reportedly found visible red marks on Miss Mishler, an indication that things had gotten out of hand. Johnson was put under custody, later on, booked for felony domestic violence and robbery. The robbery charge stems from claims that he had snatched her girlfriend’s phone while she was calling 911.

Even before the dust settled, the two lovebirds were allegedly snapped together at The Cheesecake Factory Sunday night, sending some quality time. The two put on an eye-browsing PDA, an indication that things are back on track.

Chad is not yet out of the hooks, even on appearing to settle things with her boo. According to Los Angeles laws, it is the District Attorney General who has the final say on whether the charges would be dropped or will go to full trial. So even if he has settled the matter with the girlfriend, it’s the DA’s office that will call the shots on the next course of action.

The fact that this is not the first time that the two love birds have been engaged in an altercation all but exacerbates the situation. The two are on record trading allegations that they would ruin each other’s lives on social media and YouTube. While everything appears to be under the bridge, everyone’s eyes is on the Das office.

Featured Image: @realchadjohnson Instagram


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