Image courtesy of Capital XTRA
Image courtesy of Capital XTRA

We smell a catfight brewing between Nicki Wendy Williams and Nicki Minaj following Wendy’s latest comments in which she bashed the rap queen’s marriage to Kenneth Petty.

Wendy unapologetically tells Nicki Minaj that she should never have married Petty in a video that was posted by E! News on YouTube. The talk show host even promised to dive deeper into the matter the next day during her show in an interview but that was right after she pointed out that Minaj’s decision to marry Perry may lead to the downfall of her brand. Wendy also told Nicki Minaj that she was never going to stand a chance with a registered sex offender.

Petty’s criminal past comes back to haunt him

If you are in the dark about Petty’s history, let us bring you up to speed. He got convicted for attempting to rape a 16-year-old girl when he was 15 back in 1995, and this led to a prison sentence just shy of four years. He also served 7 years in jail after pleading guilty of first-degree murder in 2006. He was supposed to serve 10 years but his sentence was reduced to seven years.

Although Perry did time for the two crimes, he was still required to register as a sex offender, which he did in New York. However, he relocated to California but he failed to register as a sex offender there. This led to an arrest, too which he pleaded not guilty. His case is due to be heard but unfortunately, the damage has been done and he is now in the spotlight because of his past mistakes.

Petty’s trial will take place on April 28 and if he faces up to 10 years in prison if he will be convicted. Nevertheless, he has since then registered as a sex offender in California as per the requirements but that has not made things any easier.

Reigniting their previous feud

Wendy’s recent comments about Nicki’s marriage will likely revive their previous beef. Nicki Minaj fired shots at Wendy Williams in 2018 in a statement in which she noted that some people report the news with evil intent. We are waiting to see how Minaj will respond to Wendy’s latest comments.

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