Twists and turns is what the current season of The Bachelor is all about. The current season might as well go down in history as the most dramatic season ever given the kind of things contestants gunning for Peter Weber heart have had to contend with.


In a surprise turn of events, the two women in the final had to undergo a vetting process, not carried by Mr. Weber himself, but the family. Likewise, the audience got a glimpse of whom Weber’s Mom has been crying overall along as teased from the beginning of the season.

As it stands, it appears 23-year old Hannah Ann Sluss might’ have the upper hand going by the interaction and reception she got from the family. She might as well have won the family’s heart awaiting Weber’s decision. The mother, Barbara Weber, has already declared her the perfect fit for her son going as far as claiming she sees a little bit of herself in her.

For Madison Prewitt, things did not go well with the family. Going by the reception she got, she might as well have to call it quits. A cause of disagreement that might as well have lost her points with the family is her insistence on protecting Pete’s sexual freedom and interest. The conversation not only felt invasive and awkward for the mother but the audience as well.

Madison might also have lost, on the Patriarch of the house Peter Sr insisting that their lifestyles are incompatible to start with. According to Peter’s father, his son likes to party a lot and going out line dancing. Conversely, he would find it difficult to settee with Madison, whose church-going lifestyle might present some challenges.

Even as the family made their stance known of who their son should settle with, fans online had some not so good words for them. Fans were especially outraged on the family, giving Madison a hard time for sticking on her beliefs.

Amidst the twists and turns, it is clear that Pete’s heart lies with Madison despite having a solid connection with Hannah Ann.

Featured Image: @hannahann Instagram


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