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Corey Feldman released a new documentary called (My) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys,” which made its debut on Monday. In it, he makes the shocking allegation that Charlie Sheen was one of the people that raped Corey Haim back in 1986.

Feldman claims in the documentary that Charlie Sheen sexually abused Haim in 1986 while they were on the set of the film “Lucas.” The “Two and a Half Men” actor was 19-year-old while Haim, who passed away in 2010, was 13-years-old at the time of the alleged rape incident.

Feldman also claims that Haim revealed that Sheen did not rape him once but on multiple occasions. There were a few other individuals highlighted in the documentary who also collaborated with the claims, stating that Haim had also revealed to them that he had been raped by Sheen. The documentary also claims that Haim was also rapped by Marty Weiss, who was a talent manager, Alphy Hoffman, who ran a night club and Jon Grissom.

Sheen has rubbished the claims as false

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Sheen has already responded to the rape allegations, describing them as false. He also has an unlikely party defending him, and that party is Corey’s mother. Interesting, right? Sheen’s publicist revealed that Judy Haim, the mother of Corey Haim, sent a letter to Page Six, stating that Charlie was not inappropriately involved with Haim. This is supported by Judy’s past statements.

“My son never mentioned Charlie. We never talked about Charlie. It was all made up. If my son was here to hear all of this he would throw up,” stated Judy told Entertainment Tonight during an interview in 2017.

Although Judy Haim believes that Sheen is innocent, she is convinced that the true culprit of the rape was Dominick Brascia, who died in 2018. Brascia was also an actor and was heavily involved in the acting industry back in the 1980s.

Weiss also denied the rape allegations and stated and even took to Twitter, where he clapped back at Feldman. Weiss stated in his tweet that Corey Haim would not be pleased with the use of sex abuse allegations or throwing innocent names under the bus for profit.

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