Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Nene Leakes recently dropped some tea about her marriage life, and it looks like there is trouble in paradise. The 52-year-old reality show star reportedly discovered that her husband Gregg has been having an inappropriate relationship with an employee whom she later fired.

So here’s how it went down. Gregg and Nene recently launched a store in Baltimore not so long ago, and Gregg was in charge of hiring. Nene revealed that one of the workers that Gregg hired, was the type that Gregg likes. She goes by the name Juanita Marshall. Nene happened to have been nearby this one time when she heard an argument between Juanita and a gay male worker.

According to Nene, these are the words that she heard from the gay male employee during the fight with Juanita. “I don’t appreciate you calling me a queen. You wouldn’t want to do that because you know I know your secret. How about you and Mr. Gregg be FaceTiming and talking?”

Nene revealed that the incident took place in 2019 and that she confronted her husband about it. It gets more interesting. Some reports claim that Gregg denied having anything other than a business relationship with Marshall, but an undisclosed source claims that Gregg admitted to having a romantic relationship with the then employee.

Marshall’s side of the story

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Marshall was also interviewed by Page Six regarding the alleged romantic fling with Gregg, to which she denied it and also claims that it was a strictly business-based relationship. Marshall also claims that she left that job willingly because things were getting out of hand, and she could not handle the drama. However, the anonymous source claims that Nene fired her after discovering that Marshall was romantically involved with her husband.

Nene also revealed that she did not talk to Gregg for a few months after the incident. However, they later managed to sort things out and are back in good terms. Nevertheless, the RHOA star expressed her disappointment in her husband and even noted that she tries not to force him to be faithful.

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