There was a bit of a frenzy on the Twitter platform on Monday evening over The Bachelor’s  Madison Prewett but not just because she turned down Peter Weber. Some of the viewers noticed that she had a message written on her hand, and it definitely sparked curiosity.

In case you have not watched the 2-part finale, Weber went to see his parents and was accompanied by Madison. However, one of the highlights of the episode was that Prewett, 23, turned down Weber, and she had some good reasons. There was a very emotional scene, and it was there that some fans noticed that Madison’s hand had a written message that might be a tattoo or a pen-written message.

Fans took to Twitter to try and gather notes on deciphering the message written on Madison’s hand. If you have been following the show, you know that Madison is keen on not compromising herself or her beliefs. For instance, one of the reasons why Madison decided that Weber was not good for her was the fact that he slept with some of the other female contestants.

What do the words on Madison’s hand mean?

One Twitter user who goes by the name Emily Scherer thought that it might be a Bible verse that Prewett wrote on her hand while she was in her hotel room. Some Twitter users thought that it might have been a bar stamp.

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Further investigation, it was confirmed that the scribbling on Prewett’s hand was a Bible verse, more specifically, Proverbs 31:8. The verse led to speculation that it might be an Easter egg for Madison’s return even though she ended things with Weber.

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Hannah Ann Sluss is the remaining finalist, and we are yet to see if things will work out between her and Weber. However, there is still the matter of Prewett’s potential comeback. This is a plausible theory because it was teased before Tuesday’s episode. Some fans think that it somehow has to do with the words written on Madison’s hand, but we will have to wait and see how things turn out.

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