According to a sneak peek of the Thursday Total Bellas episode, Artem Chigvintsev is done with Nikki Bella. Artem went bonkers in the episode storming out following a fight with 36-year old Nikki after a night out. Although fans cannot see the fight between the two go down in the video clip Nikki who is drunk is seen saying that she didn’t do anything wrong.

Nikki caught flirting with another man

Interestingly for the fans, Brie Bella, Nikki’s twin sister provided insight on what had transpired during the night out. She tells Nikki that she Artem thought that she was flirting with another man. She then runs after Artem.

Following the outburst, Brie is concerned regarding the future of the relationship between her sister and the pro dancer. Brie explains that once you get Nikki into a place where she has to explain herself then that is game over for her. When the two sit together to discuss what was wrong Nikki seems confused about what might have happened. She innocently asks “what did I do?”

Before the release of the Thursday episode, Nikki took to Instagram where she shared the video clip and indicated that she was tense watching one of her most awkward moments playing out on the screen. She wrote on Instagram that she wished she could be drunk for this Thursday’s new episode. She acknowledges that her drinking and playing on television was one of her most awkward moments so far.

Nikki canceled her baby shower last month

For Total Bellas fans, the good news is that the couple reconciled and kissed after burst up. The couple who were engaged in November last year during a trip to France is expecting their first baby. In April Nikki said that she canceled her baby shower following the outbreak of coronavirus. She added that it really bummed her because she was looking forward to the moment.

Despite missing the significant milestone for her baby she and the baby are very healthy. She said they are doing everything now online even baby shopping.


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