Although the KarJenner clan loves spotlight in nonetheless comes with a cost as Kourtney Kardashian reveals of what it did to her relationship with Scott Disick. Reports have emerged that Disick recently signed into rehab for personal issues and not substance abuse as initially alleged. This came after a photo of Disick in a Zoom group meeting surfaced.

Disick leaves rehab after photo him emerges

It is reported that Disick was seeking treatment at a facility in Colorado but immediately following the surfacing of the photo he left the facility. His attorney Marty Singer has indicated that Disick is planning to sue the facility for reportedly leaking the photo.

Singer indicated that Disick was coming to terms of dealing with trauma that he has suffered for years. This came following his mother’s death and his father after just three months. Although Disick has been appearing to be doing fine in recent years it is emerging that he has been struggling. Apparently, things even got dire prompting Sofia Richie his live-in girlfriend to reach out to Kourtney to reason with him. Kourtney is said to have reportedly given Disick an ultimatum to get help.

Disick to sue the facility for violation of privacy 

As a result, Disick took the initiative to check into a rehabilitation facility to help him deal with his past traumas. Singer indicated that he didn’t check-in for substance abuse and following the violation of HIPAA by the facility and Disick’s privacy he was forced to check out and return home. The attorney indicated that following the extreme violation of privacy they were planning to take necessary legal action.

Disick has been quarantining during this COVID-19 pandemic with Richie but it seems that the social distancing measures were taking a toll on his mental wellbeing. This prompted Rischie to reach out to Kourtney who is the mother of his three kids for guidance. Kourtney was reportedly agitated following Disick’s unresponsiveness to conversations and issues around the kids. Interestingly it is something she has been through before.


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