If you are gonna come out to your parent about your sexuality, you might as well do it in style and that is exactly what popular social media influencer and Youtuber Tatiana Ringsby did in a clip that went viral.

Revealing your sexuality to your parents can be quite nerve-wracking because you have no idea how they will respond or whether they will still love you and not judge you for it. The Hawaiian model and influencer decided to risk it but in a cute way by revealing to her parent that she is bisexual. Interestingly, she decided to do it with a cake that had the words “Surprise I’m bi” written with icing.

When her father saw it he jokingly asked whether she meant bi-racial but Tatiana clarified that she means that she was bisexual. Her parents surprisingly took it well and this made Ringsby break down in tears. Her parents then hugged her and told her that they will always love her no matter what.


finally came out to my parents and you guys!! 🌈💗💜💙 #comingout #bisexual #lgbt #lgbtq

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The video of Ringsby coming out to her parents has so far received more than 3 million views and 15 million likes. She later posted a photo on Twitter, in which she had tears of joy. She pointed out in the photo caption that she felt as if some weight had been lifted off her shoulders. This means that she felt that coming out to her per parents. So far her coming-out video has received over 15,000 likes with most of her fans congratulating her on her decision to come out to her parents about her sexuality.

The 20-year-old is lucky to have parents that accept her for who she is. Her video is an encouragement to many people out there who might be afraid to talk to their parents about their personal situations. Tatiana’s decision to talk to her parents will likely encourage many others who might be in a similar situation to face their fears. After all, if your parents love you, it should be unconditional love. Tatiana’s decision to use cake was also a nice touch.


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