Despite the ongoing coronavirus prompting people to quarantine Khloe Kardashian is still making headlines for what is going on behind her quarantine. 

Khloe shows her fierce fitness workout

On Tuesday she took to her Instagram to share her morning fitness routine that is incredibly amazing. The mom of one goes out all beast mode whereby she goes running with her two-year-old daughter. She pulls her daughter in a wagon that is strapped to her waist indicating how exclusive routine can be.

Although her fans are loving her fierce workout routine they are nonetheless not happy with her quarantine prank in which Kourtney’s son Mason and Chloe spread toilet paper all over the lawn. Several people quickly called her out on social media indicating that whatever she was showing was selfish and wasteful considering there is a shortage of toilet paper following panic buying because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Regarding the toilet papering of the lawn one Twitter user expressed her frustration indicating that stores are currently limiting the pieces of toilet paper one can buy and here is Khloe toilet papering her sister’s house. Another user considered the plank incentive and completely ridiculous.

Khloe might be pregnant of Tristan Thompson again

There are rumors that Khloe might be pregnant again and fans are angry. Khloe has been quarantining with her ex Tristan Thompson with their daughter. In a mid-season teaser of Keeping Up with The Kardashians, fans were treated to a glimpse that Khloe might have had sex with Tristan in quarantine.

The pregnancy rumors emerged following a blog post gossip of the city that has since gone viral claiming that Khloe and Tristan are expecting. She, however, hinted about having a baby girl following several pots showing the color pink.

Fans have been responding to the rumors and they are angry about the idea that she will have another baby with Tristan after the drama she suffered. The two had separated in February last year following a cheating scandal with Kylie Jenner’s former beastie Jordan Woods. The two are focused on co-parenting their baby girl.


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