Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kendall Jenner has opened up about her mental health struggles. On Friday, Jenner appeared in Good Morning America teaming up with Kenneth Cole in sensitizing about The Mental health Coalition.

Kendall Jenner speaks about battling panic attacks

She recalled her experiences with anxiety, indicating that when she was young, there is a time she felt she could not breathe and vented to her mom Kris Jenner. Kendall recalled telling her mom that she felt she could not breathe and thought something wasn’t right. The star indicated that the mom took her to various doctors to ensure she was physically okay. She said that no one told her that she had anxiety.

Kendall revealed that she thought she had contained her anxiety, but in later years, she suffered serious panic attacks. She said that four years ago, she was fully on and could experience serious panic attacks. However, the star finally received the necessary information that she required bout the attacks.

Kendall Jenner talks about her involvement in Mental Health Coalition

Regarding her involvement in the Mental Health Coalition, Kendall said that she was delighted to help in lifting the stigma surrounding anxiety and mental health. She added that when Cole came to her, she thought that it was a perfect opportunity considering she had also dealt with her share of mental health problems. She said she was so thrilled to be involved and was hoping to help people not to feel like they are alone.

The model took to social media to give more information about the Mental Health Coalition and how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted on her anxiety. In a video, she indicated that she sometimes has good days and anxious days, and as a result, she is on and off.

In the Good Morning America interview, she gave out her coping mechanism. She said that on days when she doesn’t have anything going on for herself, she tends to be anxious. As a result, she turns to meditation and reading to calm herself.


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