Bachelorette star, Hanna Brown, has come under fire from fans after she used the N-word in her attempt to remember DaBaby’s Rockstar lyrics. The star was live on her Instagram on Saturday when she tried to sing the song, and she seemingly hesitated after she got to a line, including the N-word, but went ahead to say it.

Fans criticize Hannah Brown for using the N-word

The 25-year-old star appeared to go on with her business as if she hadn’t repeated a racial slur to her 2.8 million followers. Immediately incensed followers started calling her out in comments, but she responded in a giggly and confused manner, indicating that she didn’t realize that she had said that world.

Brown immediately said she was sorry while smiling on the camera, suggesting that she is not the one who said the word. A female voice in the background is heard saying that it wasn’t her who just said the word. The video has since been pulled down from her timeline, but accounts such as @bachelorteaspill and some Reddit users have captured it, and it is doing social media rounds. People have questioned her insensitivity and the hysterical way in which she issued the apology.

Brown issued an apology on Sunday.

On Sunday, Brown took to Instagram and posted an apology stating that she owed people an apology. In a statement, she indicated that she was not taking any excuse for actions, and she will not justify her utterances. She added that she went through the messages and realized the damage she had caused, and she owned it all. Further, she stated that she was deeply sorry and that regardless of whether it is in private or public, the language she used was unacceptable and would do better.

Some of the Bachelor Nation members have expressed their displeasure with her comments. Bekah Martinez, a contestant in “The Bachelor” Season 22 in a post on Instagram, wondered how people can defend celebrities that are privileged with a lot of education and knowledge but still use the N-word.


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