Katy Perry enthralled fans on Sunday during the American Idol finale with her amazing performance of her new single “Daisies.” The expectant mom gave a thrilling performance of the song for the first time on television.

Perry delivers sensational performance

Perry, who was in a pink dress and barefoot, started the performance while on a chair in the center of the American Idol stage. Later as she advanced with her song, the stage changed into different colors, offering moving sets meant to take fans to another world.

Before the performance, the singer posted on Instagram and teased fans regarding the performance. In her post, she indicated, “Start in the #AmericanIdol stage, and end up in a whole new world.” In another post, she had indicated that her first performance of her new song is currently on YouTube. She went on to indicate that she hoped that the song took fans out of their living rooms to a different world the same way it transported her.

The song was released last week, where Perry is seen showing her growing bump in the music video as she sings. While speaking to Amazon Music about the empowering message of the song, the “Teenage Dream” singer said that the song was an anthemic celebration meant for human spirit resilience. She added that she wrote “Daisies” as a call to remaining true to whatever course one has set for themselves despite what the world will think.

Perry spoke about her mental health recently

Perry and her fiancé Orland Bloom recently announced that they were looking forward to their first child. Since then, the singer has been candid about the pregnancy with her fans more so about her mental health, especially during this coronavirus pandemic. She recently wrote on Twitter that she was not sure what was worse between trying to avoid coronavirus and the kind of depression that arises when dealing with a new norm.

On May 9, during the SHEIN Together live event, she said she has experienced ups and downs, adding that she sometimes cries when doing simple tasks.


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