John Krasinski The Office star who started the Some Good News YouTube show received backlash from fans following the announcement that he was selling the show to ViacomCBS.

Krasinski sell his popular SGN series to ViacomCBS

Krasinski started the series following the coronavirus lockdowns, and it was meant to share goods news from across the globe amid the coronavirus pandemic. The SGN show turned to be an instant hit with just a few episodes. In the show, Jim Halpert plays the role of a reporter sharing positive and hopeful news. In its inaugural episode, Krasinski invited fellow actor Steve Carell in a virtual call, but now the program has been licensed to ViacomCBS.

Despite selling the show, Krasinski will remain as the executive producer but will not be anchoring the web series. However, for now, it is not clear where the show will air. In the last edition, the 40-year old actor indicated that the series was taking a break, but there was more lined up and urged fans to stay tuned.

The actor indicated in a Twitter post that he couldn’t believe that when he started the show, it was all about good news represented in the daily lives of people. He added that his fans have turned to be the good news. Krasinski lauded fans and said the SGN will live on now that it has joined ranks with a historic network.

Fans angered by move to sell the SGN show

However, a section of fans did not receive this development positively, with most of them finding the commercialization of the show anti-ethical. When he launched the show in March, he had indicated that it was too offer positive news during the pandemic and not a commercial endeavor.

One irate fan bashed him, saying that he made videos for the show due to unpaid contributions from his fans and sold to a major media company, and worse, he isn’t going to be in the show. Another user said they thought he was a sellout because he made it a money move.


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