The “Cats” star and legendary musician Jason Derulo is inspiring more people to move into TikTok to make money. According to the singer, one doesn’t have to be a famous musician to make it in TikTok, which has transformed his life a great deal. He is calling upon people around the globe to learn all they could about TikTok and use the opportunity to rake in extra cash.

There has been this trend where people have the habit of stabbing corncobs onto some drill bits to enjoy the corn much faster. It is a process that, at some point, requires the user to pull the trigger that causes the rotation that enables one to eat the cone faster. Derulo tried this out, and matters went south for him after he ended up losing two of his front teeth, something he describes as a life hack.

It was surprising to most of the people to see the top artist with what they termed a completely different smile. It was not the end for Derulo who visited a dentist to help fix his teeth, something that again gave him a completely new look and a smile. He has been posing for photos showing his pearly whites that he seems to be s quite proud about.

Jason may have undergone a very painful experience in losing his teeth, but again he is very happy about the video creation app that has generated him a lot of money. He speaks out to all the interested persons helping learn the various success tips to succeed with TikTok. For instance, he informs them that they need to focus on developing their space as soon as possible. After that, they could proceed to locate a niche that interests them.

The famous vocalist seems to have received his TikTok and says music is not the only thing that could work on the app. It is a page filled with a lot of funny videos, and Jason seems to be having a great time in the quarantine course. TikTok may have taken over, but Jason asserts that he won’t be ditching his music career.


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