Jimmy Fallon was very enthusiastic about being part of the ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch from 2000. He was sharing the stage with Darrell Hammond, whose role was that of Regis Philbin, another TV host. However, his enthusiasm was short-lived. The host of “The Tonight Show,” appeared on the SNL skit wearing blackface to mimic his fellow comedian Chris Rock.

Fallon may not have had any ill motives while wearing blackface, but his move was not taken kindly by hundreds of people. He was caught between a hard rock immediately; the clip resurfaced online. On the clip where he appears for less than a minute, Fallon is wearing a black turtleneck. This is accompanied by a black leather jacket, a wig, and his face is all covered in dark makeup.

The Ranging Demand for an Apology. Will The TV Host Apologize? 

Through a hashtag #JimmyFallonIsOverParty on Twitter, his action was regarded as oppressive and downright disgusting, particularly to the Black people. One of the Twitter users described the TV host as a racist and should be held accountable by asking him to apologize. Others called for his cancellation.

There were all sorts of accusations and complaints, including how Fallon does now allow his guests to speak. Dakota Johnson, Elle Magazine, wrote, “Oh Jimmy Fallon? His fake laugh is irritating af… I don’t like him at all. The fact that he thinks he’s funny is the funniest thing ever”.

Nonetheless, the TV host did bow to the pressure and the ranging demand to apologize to Black people. He said on Twitter, “I made a terrible decision to do an impersonation of Chris Rock while in blackface. There is no excuse for this. I am very sorry for making this unquestionably offensive decision and thank all of you for holding me accountable”.

But Fallon Is Not the First Late-Night Talk Show Host to Use Blackface

Last year in yet another performance on “The Man Show,” Jimmy Kimmel was featured wearing blackface impersonating the N.B.A. player Karl Malone. However, Kimmel has never addressed the issue. In another incident, Megyn Kelly was fired from NBC for mentioning blackface. She was questioning in a panel why it was incorrect for white people to wear blackface on Halloween.


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