Queen Elizabeth II has been laying low ever since the coronavirus outbreak rendered public life more dangerous. Still, the British royalty was recently pictured looking happy while horseback riding at Windsor castle.

The photo of the queen, who is now 94-years-old taking a leisurely ride on a horse, is quite refreshing considering that the monarch has rarely been seen or photographed in public. The previous photo was taken in March while she was on a phone call talking to the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. She also seemed to be smiling, an indicator that she was having fun, and as it turns out, horse riding has been one of her favorite hobbies since her childhood.

“Her Majesty has enjoyed riding since childhood and is closely involved with the welfare of the horses she owns for breeding, riding, and racing,” the queen’s spokesperson captioned on the photo, which was posted on Instagram.

On another interesting note, it is rather impressive that Queen Elizabeth II does not let old age prevent her from having fun. It is rather impressive that she can ride a horse at her age. Most of her peers would probably not manage it, thus indicating that she is still quite strong physically.  The queen also seems to enjoy driving, as has been seen in past instances, where she was the one behind the wheel rather than being chauffeured.

Unfortunately, the monarch may not have gotten any chance to drive around lately because, like most of us, she has been self-isolating due to the coronavirus. She has instead been isolating at Windsor Castle, where she has ample space to move around. The castle even has a private park, which is where the recent photos were taken.

Also, by her Majesty’s side was Terry Pendry, the queen’s head groom making sure that she was safe. They also seemed to be practicing social distance in line with the current guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Even the castle attendants have to ensure that they follow all the guidelines. So far, all the staff at Windsor Castle stay within the confines of the castle to avoid being exposed to the coronavirus, and that ensures that the Royal family stays safe.


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