It is no secret that there is has always been some tension between Kate Middleton Meghan Markle ever since the former joined the royal family.

One possible reason for the tension is that Markle felt on multiple occasions that Kensington Palace barely comes to her aid when she is under media scrutiny. However, the palace always sides with the Duchess of Cambridge when it comes to similar issues. It looks like there might be some truth to the matter judging by recent events involving a tabloid about Middleton, which was titled “Catherine the Great.”

Kensington Palace did not take kindly to the publication, and they reportedly sent letters to the magazine calling for the removal of the article from the internet. This clearly indicates that the royal family is quite sensitive about Kate’s reputation. The Duchess of Sussex was reportedly angered by the fact that Kensington Palace was quick to side with Middleton while she did not receive the same courtesy.

An anonymous source claims that the Royal family’s attitude towards Markle versus their attitude towards Middleton might be the reason behind the tension between the two royal ladies. The source even suggests that it might have contributed to her decision and that of her husband, Prince Harry, to drop the royal titles.

“Meghan said Kensington Palace never once came to her defense when she was being shredded by the media,” the anonymous source pointed out.

The article about Middleton highlighted a variety of things that were taking place in her life, as well as that of her family. However, the Duchess of Cambridge denied the content in the publication. Kensington Palace was quick to act on the matter and reportedly even called for the article to be pulled down from the internet.

It is not clear whether the awkwardness between Markle and Middleton has anything to do with how the royal family treats the Duchess of Sussex as purported by the anonymous source. However, it does seem like a plausible cause for some tension. However, Meghan has not openly admitted anything of the sort.


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