Rexline Engineering has garnered quite a strong and positive reputation in the premium rubber sheeting industry thanks to its impressively high-quality offerings that are designed to be as reliable as possible.

Rexline Engineering is currently one of the top producers of customized and standardized rubber compounds, polymer blend, and elastomer sheeting with a wide range of uses. Its flagship product is the trademarked REXLINETM PREMIUM Rubber Sheeting, which has a high performance 40 Duro Pink Premium rating. It also has the highest quality resistance to wet slurry and fine particle abrasion. It also boasts of a high level of flexibility and elasticity.

The reason behind the increasing popularity of Rexline Engineering’s products is that its products, especially the premium offerings, are corrosion-resistance, impact-resistant, and can withstand abrasion. The resilience and strength of the products make them quite durable and is also an indicator of strong performance. The REXLINE Premium Rubber sheeting product is the best choice for rubber lining and wear protection applications in the market.

Rexline Engineering’s premium products can be sourced as a CN bonding layer or as a buff backed finish. This allows the product to achieve chemical and mechanical adhesion to a wide range of services, including metals. The company’s robust design for the REXLINE PREMIUM Rubber Sheeting allows it to withstand harsh conditions thanks to its high NR – Polymer content. It also features a bonding layer that facilitates quick application.

The properties of the REXLINE PREMIUM Rubber Sheeting make it ideal for applications such as corrosion resistance and abrasion impact, especially in an environment with high abrasion and wear. The product is available in a variety of dimensions. The maximum width is 2 meters, and the maximum length per roll is 300 meters. The company has manufacturing facilities in China, Australia, India, and Indonesia, but the products are sold worldwide.

Technical Spécifications :

Special Gravity0.98
Hardness38 ± 5 Shore A
Tensile strength (min)3627 PSI
Elongation at break (min)900%
Abrasion resistance (max)80 mm³
Tear resistance (Angular) min44 Kg/cm
Compression Set20%


REXLINE™ lining rubber is a versatile and durable solution for a wide range of corrosion and wear protection applications. Lining rubber is designed primarily to be applied as a lining to protect your equipment from the damaging effects of abrasion and impact forces or chemical attack.


REXLINE™ Rubber Screens have a lower open area than wire mesh especially on smaller apertures. Advantages include longer life span and reduced noise levels. Ideal as an impact section on the upper part of a screen box or on a complete deck where required.


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