President Donald Trump’s niece Mary L Trump has called him a phony liar, a dangerous and cruel egomaniac who found his way to the White House. In her book “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” Mary captures the cruelty, and Trump’s insecurity turned to overconfidence.

Trump cheated his way to Wharton Business School

However, Sarah Matthews, the deputy press secretary of Trump, has refuted the claims labeling the book money grab. Matthews refuted Mary’s allegation that the president is a liar and cheating narcissist.

The book is expected to be published next week, and Mary reveals the family dynamic as an insider and a psychologist of the person Trump is. Trump has been accustomed to insulting people, lies, and racism to maintain power. Excerpts from the book indicated that Trump is the original Felicity Huffman, and he is not acting. Mary says the president cheated on SAT (college entrance test) by paying someone to take it on his behalf in Queens, New York, and the high score helped in to join Wharton Business School.

Trump’s sister says he has no principles

Mary indicates in the book that Trump’s twisted behavior crops from his rich upbringing in a notorious real estate family headed by Fred Trump Sr., his father. She explains that this is what led to Trump implementing cheating as a mode of his life. Trump’s sister Maryanne Trump Barry called him a clown when he announced that he was running for the presidency. She was baffled that Christians were supporting him, and according to the book, she said of her brother to be someone that had no principles at all.

The Trump family has challenged the publication of the book, citing a legal agreement reached to settle a dispute years ago prohibited it. The president’s brother Robert Trump indicated called Mary’s actions were disgraceful and a traverse to the family. A judge failed to block its publication, and already advanced copies of the book are available in various media outlets.


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