Thandie Newton has revealed her experiences working with Tom Cruise on a shooting scene for Mission: Impossible II.

Thandie Newton reveals how terrified she was of Tom Cruise

In a recent interview with Vulture, the Hollywood star revealed that Tom cruise pushed her to a place of terror and insecurity on Mission Impossible II. She even described one of the rehearsals as a nightmare because Cruise takes so much and is a time of pressure. The Westworld star added that Cruise tries very hard to be a nice person.

Newton told Vulture that she was terrified of Tom because he is a dominant person. She explained that there is a lot of pressure, and Tom has a sense that he is the only one that can do everything as best as they are supposed to be done. Thandie recalls how frustrated Tom got in a scene with what she was doing because she had the shittiest lines. She says that he gets frustrated trying to explain that he goes, and they had to rehearse with both actors playing reverse roles. The actress said she felt embarrassed and insecure at that moment.

“The Rock” ousts Kylie Jenner as highest-paid Instagram celebrity

American actor Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” has dethroned Kylie Jenner on Instagram as the highest-paid celebrity on the site. According to social media marketing company Hooper HQ, The Rock can now charge advertisers $1.015 million per sponsored post. The firm indicates that Kylie can still charge advertisers around 986,000 per sponsored post. The Rock has over 189 million Instagram followers, while Kylie has 184 million followers.

Hooper HQ first published the list of highest-paid celebrities after speaking to social media influencers and celebrities. Usually, exact deals with celebrities are unknown because of secrecy clauses. Other top-earning stars include football star Cristiano Ronaldo, who gets $889,000 per post, Kim Kardashian, charges $858,000, and Ariana Grande charges $853,000 per post.

It has been a good year for the Rock with his Jumanji movie being the fourth highest-grossing movie.


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