The trial of Johnny Depp vs. The Sun took another twist after his estate manager told London’s High Court that Amber Heard had insulted Johnny during a Christmas holiday in the Bahamas by calling him fat and washed up.

Johnny Depp takes the stand denies domestic violence allegations

The Pirates of The Caribbean actor is suing The Sun regarding an article that appeared in the newspaper claiming that he was a wife-beater. Johnny took to the stands to answer to the abuse claims from his ex-wife. Amber claimed that he kicked and pushed a seat at her. In 2014, he threw things at her while on a flight to Los Angeles from Boston. Equally, the court saw a photo that Amber took of Johnny passed out from the incident with some ice cream and melted dessert on his jeans.

The Oscar nominee explained that the photo was part of the emotional abuse he had faced at his ex-wife. It seems the story of the two seems is less constructive, and there was no love between them, but rather some bullying. The version of Depp of the flight trip flips the script on his ex-wife, explaining that Amber began haranguing her as he was sketching. He explained that instead of kicking her as she claimed, he began playfully tapping her on the bottom with his foot to which Amber took offense and continued berating verbally.

Johnny Depp was at the end of Amber’s abuse

Depp has denied the 14 domestic violence allegations that the News Group Newspapers depends on for its defense. According to leaked phone calls between the two, that was not the only accusation where Amber allegedly abused him.

Johnny recounted an incident in 2016 after his 30th birthday the same day he received news that his previous managers had defrauded him $650 million. He said that Amber was drinking heavily that night, and she punched him four times before he could stop her by grabbing her arms.


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