Chrissy Teigen, a liberal activist, deleted 60,000 tweets and blocked millions of followers to protect her family from online harassment. She has raised concerns over her family following increased internet trolls accusing her of being involved in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Teigen accused “sick psychopaths” who went through thousands of tweets following the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell accused of grooming children for deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. “I’m worried for my family. Finding me talking about toddlers and tiaras in 2013 and thinking you’re some sort of f–king operative,” the chef and social media personality tweeted. She says several people are using her tweets to argue her connection to Maxwell. “I actually deleted 60,000 tweets because I cannot f—g STAND you idiots anymore and I’m worried for my family,” she wrote. “Finding me talking about toddlers and tiaras in 2013 and thinking you’re some sort of f—g operative.”

There have been speculations online about Teigen’s link to Epstein and Maxwell. This is after claimed emerged that her name was listed on a flight log for a private plane belonging to Epstein. Tom Hanks is also facing similar accusations after allegedly using Epstein’s jet to his Caribbean island. These accusations are, however, yet to be substantiated. A team of fact-checkers from Reuters perused several copies of flight logs online but could find Hank’s name.

Who is Jeffrey Epstein?

Jeffrey Epstein was an influential and highly connected financier arrested in 2019 on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking. He died in jail in what the New York City medical examiner ruled to be suicide. In the past, Epstein had been convicted of sexual offenses and even served 13 months in a Palm Beach County jail. He was connected with his social circle made up of people like Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s girlfriend, was recently arrested on charges related to the sex scandal. Although his death was ruled a suicide, several questions were raised about the actual cause of death and his life, fortunes, and crime.


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