Meek Mill has responded to Kanye West’s allegations that he slept with Kim Kardashian during their meeting at the Waldorf Hotel to discuss prison reforms. He took to Twitter on Wednesday to defend himself indicating that the accusations that he banged Kim were all lies.

Meek Mill responds to claims he banged Kim

Although he didn’t elaborate on the issue it appears like he doesn’t need to because nothing inappropriately happened. Meek and Kim reportedly met philanthropist Clara Wu Tsai over lunch at the hotel to talk about the prison freeform program and Kim left alone immediately after the meeting. At no time during the meeting did Meek and Kim have a one on one engagement.

The connection between Meek Mill and Kim is their prison reform work with Cut50 which is a prison reform organization fighting for criminal justice reforms and reduced incarcerations.  The two attended the 2018 Criminal Justice Reform Summit in Los Angeles which Kanye has alluded to. Kanye said in his tweets that Meek was his man and respectful stating “that’s my dog” without more elaboration. He then veered off to his $5 billion wealth in his tweets and then referenced to Michael Jackson.

In an Instagram Story, Meek seems to address loyalty from Kanye sharing a quote indicating that “some people aren’t loyal to you; they are loyal to their need of you. Once the need changes so do their loyalty.”

Kim and Kanye have been considering divorce over cheating allegations

Although the divorce revelations are surprising, sources indicate that Kanye and Kim have for some time now considered ending things. According to a source, they have been contemplating divorce for a long time. The source indicated that Kim was cognizant of her husband’s jealousy about the whole situation but they have spoken about the issue before.

In Kanye’s rambling outburst on Twitter, he called out Kim from acting out of lie to meet Meek over the prison reform. He also blasted Kim’s mother Kris Jenner calling her “Kris Jong-Un” and accused them of “white supremacy.”


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