Chrissy Teigen wants to undergo another surgery to reduce her breasts barely a month after she removed breast implants she has had since 2006.

Chrissy Teigen is reducing her huge boobs

The 34-year old Cookbook author shared that she was not happy about the look of her breast through an Instagram Story on Thursday. As she gave her fans a preview of her outfit of the day the star said that she was working in jewels, that is when she made revelations that her boobies are still large.

She said, “this is supposed to go over each t*tty, but my boobs are too low.” Chrissy went on to say that her boobs were still huge and she thought she will undergo surgery to make them smaller. The Craving author revealed that she didn’t expect them to be that large after removing the implants.

The star announced in March that she was getting the implants removed and she successfully had them removed in June. At the time she indicated that for years the boobs had been great for her but she wished she could zip a dress her size, lay in her tummy with comfort. She indicated that there were no worries because she will still have boobs that will be pure fats. After all, that is all t*tties are supposed to be.

Chrissy has had breast implants for over 15 years

Her talent agent Meghan Mackenzie and manager Luke Dillon gave her a cake featuring a tombstone with “RIP 2006-2020” with a black bra. Even her four-year-old daughter Luna Simone made Chrissy a card written “bye boobies.” The Chrissy’s Court star indicated that the surgery was all perfect.

In an interview with Glamour UK, Chrissy revealed that she had the breast implanted when she was 20 years old. She explained that it was more of a swimsuit thing saying that she thought that if she was going to pose while laying on her back she wanted the boobs to be perky.  But with babies, the boobs fill with milk and deflate adding that she was now screwed.


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