Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are working on getting their marriage in the right place again. The couple’s sources indicated that the two recently took a private family vacation to settle the dust. The trip was planned on a trip that Kim made to visit Kanye in Wyoming. Kim made a trip to Wyoming to tell her husband face to face that their marriage is over.

Kanye talks about divorce with Kim

Rapper Kanye West posted several bizarre tweets exposing private information between the couple.  In one of the tweets, Kanye went public on how the two had considered terminating Kim’s first pregnancy of their current daughter North. During a rally in South Carolina, the rapper talked of how he had proposed a divorce to Kim.

Kim and Kanye are navigating an extremely tough path in their marriage, and the vacation was meant to set things straight.

The trip will mark one of the first the family has taken in a long time. Sources indicate that the two hadn’t spent much time together in a long time outside family holidays and birthdays.

Although West had been ignoring Kim before their emotional Wyoming meetup, the two talked a lot since her return to Los Angeles.

“Kanye suggested that they take a family trip together and Kim agreed. She wants to do everything she can to save her marriage,” said a source. “It’s all very complicated though.”

Sources indicate that Kim and her entire family see that Kanye gets help from his mental health issues. The rapper recently went public on suffering bipolar disorder and mental health problems.

West Apologizes to his wife

Following the fallout, West tweeted a public apology to Kim for going public with private things. Again, sources close to the couple indicate that Lim is strapped in the marriage because she genuinely loves her husband. In addition, she has been working hard to save the marriage for the sake of their children. Kim also notes that it is not healthy for her and children to be around her during such time. She added that he needs to get his life together as a husband and a father.


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