Michelle Obama has opened up about her struggle with ‘low-grade depression” caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, racial discrimination, and hypocrisy in the Trump administration. The former first lady used the second edition of her podcast to talk about changes that her family has gone through since leaving the White House as well as other issues related to the pandemic.

“For Baraka and I — we’ve lived outside of the norm of regular life for quite some time. What we learned early on in the White House is that in order to stay sane and to feel like the human that you once were, you have to have a schedule and a routine,” she said. She said that her sleet has been affected and worries have been causing her to wake up at the middle of the night.

Black Lives protests are a growing concern

According to Michelle, the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests have taken so long and have plunged the country into chaos. She noted that there have been increasing cases of black Americans being discriminated, and dehumanized, yet the administration does nothing.

While speaking to Michelle Norris, Washington Post columnist and former NPR host Obama said during her time at the White House; she used to follow a strict schedule, a culture she says she has maintained even during the pandemic.

Michelle launches podcast

Michelle recently launched her podcast with her husband as the first guest. The first episode was released on Spotify and runs for 49 minutes. The two talked about their upbringing, the childhoods, current events, the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matters protests and the 2020 Presidential Election.

In the first episode, the two recognized the importance of collective and community responsibility in dealing with crises like the pandemic and the protests. Michelle says although the protests have gained steam and momentum, the efforts put in may not amount to much change as the administration has been silent in terms of giving direction.

The show also explored personal relationships and how they help shape individuals. Other guests that are lined up to the show include Valerie Jarrett (a former adviser to President Barack Obama), Conan O’Brien (a fellow podcast host), and Marian and Craig Robinson (Michelle’s mother and brother).


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