Jay Manuel has opened up about his experience while filming America’s Next Top Model. He also took time to talk about his relationship with Tyra Banks, his co-star. The star is currently on a press tour for his novel The Wig, The Bitch & The Meltdown.

Manuel spills the truth about his working relationship

Although the novel is fiction, the star has been revealing details in several interviews. Although he is the Creative Director of the show, he did not make all creative decisions. Manuel said he was uncomfortable with the idea, and the culture was changing very quickly behind the scene.

“I was told I had to do that shoot and show up,” he continued. “And they said, ‘Don’t worry we’ll cover you in the edit. We’ll make sure you’re not, kind of, dragged for it.’

Manuel said despite feeling uneasy during the shoot plus other issues with the show; he criticized those turning in noting that he has had several contacts on various cycles.

He said that he had issues with fear culture, but he had to go through. Manuel was ready to leave the show when his contract ended in Cycle 8. He noted that despite being approached to extend the contract, he turned down the offer as he had other things to pursue.

Manuel says she approached Banks because, being a businesswoman, she could understand his decision to move out of the show. He, however, says this was not the case as the two clashed.

Manuel offers to produce Cycle 9

Manuel claims that while shooting for course 3, the company had time to test other stars well-known in the fashion industry, yet no replacement was made. After being approached for an additional show, he initially turned down the offer as he had already made other commitments. He later agreed after his lawyer’s advice and the company insisting on extending the deal.

He agreed to shoot Cycle 9 as a talent and not as a producer. According to Manuel, although he was assured that everyone was very happy following his return, Banks greeted him with silence. He said their relationship has been rocky.


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