Piers Morgan has asked Queen Elizabeth to strip Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their royal titles. This is after Meghan Markle commented on the 2020 US election, which is against the royal code.

In comments she made while appearing at the online When All Women Vote event, Markle encouraged people to ensure they were registered. Although the Duchess of Sussex did not endorse any candidate in the upcoming November elections, she reminded Americans who did not vote would be “complicit” and added that they all knew what is at stake in this year’s elections.

Markle calls on Americans to stand up make a change in the November Elections

“You’re just as mobilised and energised to see the change we all need and deserve. This fight is worth fighting and we all need to be out there mobilising to have our voices heard,” the Duchess of Sussex said.

In other comments, Markle told Americans to join the fight and be part of the solution and not part of the problem. She called on Americans to stand up and make a difference in the upcoming elections and avoid being complicit to the many challenges that America is currently facing.

Following the comments, Piers Morgan, a Good Morning Britain host, took to Twitter and classified the comments as very political. Morgan noted that Markle‘s comments were “brazenly partisan. He called on the Queen to must strip the Sussexes of their titles, adding that two can’t remain royals and then go on interfering in foreign elections.

Harry and Meghan sue paparazzi photographer for taking pictures of Archie

The two royals are never short of controversies, part of which led to their stepping aside as senior members of the royal family. The couple recently filed legal charges against a paparazzi photographer who took photos of their one-year son Archie at their California home. The couple files the suit for what they termed unauthorized taking and publishing of their son’s images, which amounted to an invasion of his privacy. The lawsuit was filed after Harry and Meghan found out that a paparazzi agency was attempting to sell Archie’s photographs.


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