Bella Thorne received backlash and is now apologizing to users of OnlyFans.
At the beginning of the month, Bella made her first appearance on the content subscription service platform though this was not the issue that caused the headlines. Bella Thorne broke a couple of records, and in just a single day, she had earned one million dollars. The whole sum that she gathered was more than two million dollars

However, after the headlines, OnlyFans subscribers and sex commercial workers started criticizing the previous Disney Channel actor. On twitter and mention, one individual mentions that Thorne apparently “threatened hundreds and thousands of content developers’ income.
Her incomes did not just cause problems with some creators’ expenses, but a lot of subscribers asked the platform for refunds after claiming that Bella Thorne did not keep her part of the deal for a $200 pay per view. Los Angeles Times claims that now there are new boundaries on using limits.

What she tweeted

After plenty of whispers, Bella started apologizing with several comments on twitter. She began by saying that PT1 eliminated the pressure sex and the pessimism that accompanies the sex itself by introducing a conventional face to it. That is what she was trying to achieve while assisting in bringing different faces to the platform to develop more income for content developers. She reported that she intended to help people who are not always displayed in a favorable light since they were a celebrity.

She expressed that she is a conventional face, and when people have voices and a podium, you can try to use it in assisting other people and support things that are much bigger than themselves. Bella also expressed that if she hurt any person it that process, she is extremely sorry.
She mentioned that she links up with the OnlyFans committee to know more about the new limitations and why stuff is being altered.

Her reason to join OnlyFans

Initially, Bella Thone reported to the Los Angeles Times that she entered the OnlyFans platform to get some knowledge on a forthcoming movie. She also mentioned that the platform could be a foundation of extra revenue, but that was not the key reason for joining.
It is not clear if the actor will go on working on the venture or if it is going to be terminated because of the backlash.


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