Trevor Noah is dating Minka Kelly. Sources have confirmed that the Daily Show host 36 and the Friday Night Lights star has been seeing each other for several months. According to the source, Trevor and Minka and have been staying together in New York, and their relationship seems to be growing.

The coronavirus pandemic has helped mask their romance from the public for the past months. Celeb sightings have been rare as many have left the cities and retreated to cozy places to social distance.

The two are said to have been staying at Trevor’s Manhattan apartment, where he has been filming his Comedy Central show for the last six months. “We’re in a similar position in more ways than we’ve ever been to many in our audience. We’re not coming to you from a glitzy, glamorous world. I’m not in a studio. I’m in my apartment,” he recently said.

Trevor dated Jordyn Taylor up to 2017 when the two broke up, and the comedian went private on his personal life. On the other hand, Minka dated Jesse Williams, but the relationship ended in 2018b after just months together. It is rumored that Trevor and Minka were dating even before pandemic and the lockdowns but managed to keep their romance from the public.

Minka has also kept her personal life very private and only posting once in a while on social media about her quarantine life. She has kept much of her social media engagement to matters attached to Black people in the county.

The new normal in the world of comedy

Trevor has been hosting “The Daily Show” from his home since the outbreak of COVID-19 and has since admitted that that pandemic has changed the industry. His latest episodes have focused on a number of issues of national importance.

The TV comedian says fellow comedian Dave Chappelle has greatly inspired him. In a recent interview, he said he has focused more on himself in the past, but going ahead will shift to become people-centered. He said in addition to voicing his own opinion; he will also speak for then marginalized. He noted that no one should ever discount their opinion because everyone has a unique story.


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