We all know Kanye West as the king of controversy. Some even said he was going crazy. He’s been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years, and he tries to reach a new height with every project he starts. We are always ready for a new blow, but spending $50 Million on Church Service is a new surprise to many.

Ye, Jay-Z’s ex-best friend, was a guest to Nick Cannon’s podcast known as ‘Cannon’s Class,’ and they got down to the figures. The controversial singer bragged he’s richer than Donald Trump when asked if he got a deal to support the current government and cause controversy. He expressed his interest in the US presidential election in the hearty interview, saying, “I’m not running for the presidency, I’m walking.”

Expense breakdown

So how did he spend the $50 million on Sunday Service in 2019? It might seem like quite an exaggerated figure, but as he puts it down, it catered for flights, accommodation, operas, choir uniforms (which he designed and made himself), and other miscellaneous expenses for roughly 120 people. This breakdown makes it seem reasonable enough.

Kanye, the famous Kim Kardashian’s husband, signed a deal with Nike to produce the famous Yeezy sneakers shoe line. “I spent every dime I had for marketing for Yeezy on Sunday Service. The Yeezy’s were selling themselves so instead of investing on ads, I invested in the church and spreading the gospel.” He said.

The Sunday Service choir visited and performed in Coachella, his ranch in Wyoming, Houston, Howard University in D.C, Skid Row in LA, Chicago, Ohio, Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, and Jamaica.

As he invests on saying “Jesus’ name on high”, Kanye West has been ranked as the top-earning male in entertainment by Forbes Magazine. He also mentioned, “I remember being a 14-year-old that couldn’t afford anything.” Being a top-earning rapper comes as a surprise as he once filled for bankruptcy, but he always has a way of popping back up. Most of his income comes from the Nike deal made to produce the Yeezy sneaker line.


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