A part of Kanye West’s music video has surfaced online in which Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner look completely unrecognizable. Eli Russell Linnetz recently surprised many by posting the official footage of Kanye and Tyga’s 2017 track “Feel Me.” Although the track was released in 2017, its video had not been produced until now.

The video has been the source of online talks, especially when Kim seemingly gives birth to her younger sister. In yet another scene new the end of the video, Kim Kylie emerges from Kim, seated down with her legs open. Kylie can be seen walking out of birth parts.

In the video, Kim, 39, and her sister Kylie, 20, are seen in stripper heels and thongs as a Calabasas monster truck cruises around. The video is said to have cost a million dollars to produce. The video was brought down Linnetz’s YouTube page shortly after it was posted.

In the video, both Kim and Kylie appear in sporting blonde hair. 20-year old Kylie is the most transformed in the video wearing a platinum pixie cut wig that resembles her mother’s favorite style.

In the video, the producer made the two sisters to look like giants. They are made very big that they are able to pick up trucks. Both Kim and Kylie put on stiletto perspex heels, commonly dubbed ‘stripper heels.’

Kim dressed even more explicit than the younger Kardashian with a black G-string and a black matching bra. Like her sister, Kim put on display her bottom in several slow motion squats.Kim, a mother of four, had her hair cut into a long bob.

Kim’s raise to fame

Eli Russell Linnetz, the director of the video has also directed other videos for Kanye. Apart from Kanye, Eli has worked with other stars like Shawn Mendes and Lady Gaga. The ending of the Feel Me music video seem to have shocked many as Kim is seem giving birth to Kylie. The image which is symbolic of childbirth has left many wondering what it could have meant. According to Eli however, the ending is metaphoric of Kim’s raise to fame.


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