It’s not been sitting right with Kanye West on Social Media after a series of tirades and rants, including some against his own family.

The Kanye West social media charade continues. Just when all this crazy fall is going to stop is anyone’s guess. In the latest episode of ‘Oops, Kanye did it again,’ the award-winning artist and producer took to Twitter to warn North West, his daughter, of any ominous activity that might occur to him. In a tweet now deleted, the hubby to Kim stated specifically to North, whom he included a photo of her throwing up a double peace sign – that he is indeed going to war and placing his life on the line. The sneaker entrepreneur added that North shouldn’t let ‘White media tell her that he wasn’t a good man in the case that he is killed.’ He concluded by stating that when people would try to take her out of his hands, she should be reassured of his love for her. This tweet was later discarded.

An interesting tirade again from Kanye, and the biggest question is in which direction it is aimed at. Could it be family, considering he lamented against Kim’s mom and the fact that he was being held up by the Kardashian family against his will, or is it connected to his presidential ambitions? Kanye recently declared publicly that he will be running for president and already kicked off his campaign with intentions of commencing through Charleston, South Carolina.

It has been a blow-up series of humiliating outbursts on social media for Kanye West, which has even prompted wife and reality star, Kim Kardashian, to understand from the public as her hubby is bipolar. This comes in the wake of Kanye peeing on one of his Grammy awards. He also recently came up to champion for musical artists to own their recordings and structure a charter of understanding between record labels and artists of his own.


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