US President Donald Trump has indicated that he is not a Meghan Markle fan after a video interpreted like she was endorsing Joe Biden. Meghan and Prince Harry have asked Americans to “reject hate speech” by coming out to vote in the November elections.

Trump says he doesn’t like Meghan

In a briefing on Wednesday, Trump told reporters that he was not her fan, and it is something she would have heard and wished Prince Harry luck because he would need it. Trump’s assertions come at the back of Buckingham Palace distancing itself from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s comments urging people to register and vote. The couple didn’t indicate who they are backing and only discussed the importance of voting and combating hate speech.

According to the Palace, Harry’s comments are personal because he is not a working royal anymore. Members of the British press indicated that two could lose riyal titles since the royal family doesn’t engage in politics. Although the queen is a constitutional head, she is politically neutral, and royal family members would not engage in politics or election matters.

Trump has been beefing with Markle

This is not the first time that Trump is crossing paths with Meghan as he previously spoke about them when they stepped away from their royal duties in January. In an interview with The Ingraham Angle, Trump indicated that he didn’t get the whole thing about their decisions, but it should not have happened, stating that he had much respect for the queen.

In 2019 around the time of Trump’s visit to the UK, Meghan skipped the event, and a video resurfaced of her endorsing Hilary Clinton for the 2016 election stating that Trump was a misogynist. An interview of Trump was later published in which he called Markle nasty, but he has since denied having used such a language. Trump said that he said she was nasty about him and basically didn’t know she was nasty about him.


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