Khloe Kardashian faced off against 19-year-old TikTok star Addison Rae in a makeup challenge called a sister stealer. The 36-year-old threw a pair of tiny plastic hands for the challenge whose results were amazing.

Addison and Khloe face off in “Tiny Hands Make-Off Challenge”

The celebs went to bat in “Tiny Hands Make-Off challenge” for cosmetics company IPSY of which Addison is a brand partner. IPSY posted a video on its Instagram page on September 24. Addison and Khloe faced off to see who will create the most glam appearance by going through five stations that include eyeliner, eyeshadow, cheeks, lips, and mystery challenge with fake tiny hands.

Before the beginning of a countdown, the two stars took some jibes at each other with the words, not tiny hands. For instance, Khloe jokingly referred to Addison as a “sister stealer” because the TikTok queens is a BFF of her sister Kourtney Kardashian. The two even work out together almost every morning. On the other hand, Addison had some shade on Khloe saying, “sorry that you didn’t get Kourt’s invite to Palm Spring.” Khloe responded by teasing Addison that she thought she was the newest Kardashian, but she was there to show how it is done.

Addison Rue, the new honorary Kardashian

After the few jabs, the challenges began, and in the video, you can see Addison and Khloe trying to pull off tasks like applying false eyelashes and a smoky eye using the fake tiny hands. In the end, Khloe indicated that she won, teasing that it was gorgeous. Those that want to vote on the video can do so on the IPSY video in the comments section.

The challenge showing Addison teaming up with Khloe shos how she has become an honorary Kardashian. She has previously partnered with Kim Kardashian to star in SKIMS’ one-year anniversary campaign. Recently she spent time with Kourtney Kardashian at Kris Jenner’s La Quinta estate in Palm Springs. Kourtney shared a photo of the two in Kris’ Infinity pool on September 19.


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