NeNe Leakes launched a scathing attack at Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams in response to their conversation on Watch what Happens Live following her announcement of leaving the Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise after almost 12 years.

Nene Leakes leaves the Real Housewives of Atlanta show

During the Sunday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Williams and Cohen discussed Leakes’ announcement that she was leaving the show. Williams indicated that it can’t be true because Leakes has in the pat quit the show on several occasions, and you still have her back. The gossip queen said that NeNe is her friend whom she knows as Linnethia and not the person on reality TV that she watches. Wiliams added that NeNe loves dramatic attention and wasn’t sure what she will be doing for money. She explained that the show was one thing that the girls use to promote their stuff.

Although NeNe has become popular like Bethenny Frankel of the Real Housewives of New York, she has managed to turn it into a multi-million dollar situation. Williams explained that any possible spinoff revolving around the life of NeNe will be very boring. Cohen indicated that she has many opportunities and will be back at some point, adding that her phone is always ringing because she’s been in other shows.

Leakes says Cohen is racists and Williams is on cocaine

Shortly after the WWHL episode’s airing, Leakes took to Twitter and, although not naming Williams and Cohen directly seemed to point out that Cohen was a racist and Wendy was a “cocaine head.” She indicated that the two ratings were low, and they both needed her help with their ratings. In another Tweet, Leakes threatened to expose Cohen, who is her former boss of who he is.

She pointed out that the Bravo host had “elevated” the “White” Real Housewives stating that she is the Only black OG. She said that her white counterparts were given full season episodes each season, whereby she was given less and less.


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