An ex-bodyguard of Kris Jenner is suing her for sexual harassment, racial and gender discrimination, and fostering an unfriendly work environment. Marc McWilliams accuses the 64-year-old of unwanted sexual advances, including her daughter Kourtney Kardashian and the company that employed him.

Jenner’s lawyer, Marty Singer, said that the claims by McWilliams were false. Singer said that once Kourtney and Kris defeat the frivolous suit, they plan to sue McWilliams for malicious prosecution.

Kris Jenner sexually harassed former bodyguard

According to documents obtained on the lawsuit, 51-year old McWilliams says that he started working for Jenner’s security in 2017 until his suspension in 2018 and then started working for Kourtney until February last year. The man claims that during his time working for the Kardashians, he was a victim of unwanted sexual harassment at the hands of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. McWilliams claims the sexual advances from Kris include overt sexual comments about physical appearance and sexual advances indicative of engaging in a sexual and romantic relationship.

McWilliams states that Jenner frequently and repeatedly caused her body to come into contact with his body with unwanted contact. The contact included massaging his shoulders, neck, back, and arms without consent and touching his tight and groin. Sometimes she could rub her pelvis against his back or rear end without consent or touching his rear end without approvals and exposing parts of her body to McWilliams in a suggestive or lewd manner.

McWilliams reported harassment claims, but no action was taken

According to McWilliams, he informed the reality TV star of her unwelcome behavior and immediately asked her to desist and stop. He even reported the issue to the HR department of his security company, there was no action taken on the same. The victim alleges that he was retaliated against for the momager’s complaints fabricating false disciplinary issues for poor attitude and lateness.

Besides the sexual harassment claims, the man also says was routinely discriminated against because of being black.


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