Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner love fighting over everything, and it seems the stress has been much in recent months as the latest episode of KUWTK shows them fighting over clothes.

Karl Jenner sisters fight over a dress

It seems Kendall is fed up with the special treatment that Kylie, 23, receives and she was outraged while they were on holiday in Palm Springs after she realized an outfit reserved for her had been given to her sister. The siblings swore and threw insults at each other in the latest as Kendall, 24 struggles to find an outfit for their family’s night out.

In the episode, Kendall explains that they stay in the house whenever they are in Palm Springs and don’t leave the community; all they do is chill. As a result, she usually doesn’t feel like bringing anything to go out, and she didn’t know they would leave the house. She continues that she feels underdressed, and she had said something early in the day that she dint have anything to go out.

Kendall not happy with how everyone bows to Kylie

In a rant to her sister Kourtney, Kendall explains that she wanted to put on her brown dress but when Kylie came in, everyone bows to her, and she puts on whatever she wants. She explains that she came in first and was offered the outfit first, but she is annoyed that Kylie took it. This is despite Kim Kardashian trying to reassure her that she looks okay in whatever she was in.

Kendall says that she was looking like someone out for lunch while the rest of the sisters are dressed like they are going out. Kylie told Kendall that she didn’t deserve the outfit more, and she appears not to care as she dances away, calling her sister a hater after ruining her night. Kendall shot back, telling her that already she has ruined hers, and she can f****g do whatever she wants all night.


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