Demi Lovato has opened up about her sexuality, saying she came into personal realization after watching a Cruel Intentions makeout scene. She said that the scene where Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair were kissing made her realize that she is queer.

Cruel Intentions scene helped Lovato learn about her sexuality

The singer made the revelation in an interview with Queer Eye’s France Tan during the National Facebook Coming Out Day 2020. She said she felt she was queer the first time she watched the popular makeout scene in the 1999 teen film. She told France that when she was young and while watching Cruel Intentions, she watched Selmar and Sarah make out in a park lawn and felt that she should try it. Lovato added that when she turned 17, she did get down with it, and that is when she knew.

In the teen film, Sarah taught Selma how to kiss at a lawn park giving her assurance, “how else do you think girls learn?” Sarah says they should try again, but this time she will stick her tongue in Selma’s mouth, and she should messager her tongue with her, which is what the first base is. Selma will cheerfully close her eyes for a longer lip-lock, which won an MTV Movie Best Kiss Award.

Demi’s three phases of coming out

Lovato said that she came out when she was 17 and told her older sister and friends. Later she brought it to her parents and then made it public. These she says are her three phases, Friends, family, and public. The singing sensation identifies as queer and says her sexuality is “very fluid.” Recently she broke up with her fiancé Max Ehrich after a 2-month engagement.

She explained that sometimes she could write songs about girls and the fans could mistake them for boys. Demi said that she was surprised that people didn’t realize that the songs were meant for girls. Although she was sharing it with the world, she wasn’t truly aware of what she was talking about, but the music was her safe space.


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