Meghan Markle has opened up about being the most trolled person globally in 2019. The Duchess Of Sussex told Teenage Therapy Podcast how she struggled with trolls last year, which is an issue facing most teens, especially during the pandemic as most remain isolated.

Meghan says being trolled in 2019 was almost unsurvivable

Meghan appeared on the podcast with her husband; Prince Harry said that she was the most trolled individual in the whole of 2019 in the female and male world. The couple was raising awareness about mental health for the World Mental Health Day. In the interview with the podcast’s five teenaged hosts, 39-year-old Meghan revealed that dealing with trolling and fake news was unsurvivable.

She said that the funny part is that she was on maternity leave for eight months when the trolling was happening and wasn’t even visible. But what was fabricated and shared was unbearable. Meghna explained how social media is double-edged when it comes to well-being and mental health. She explained that it depends on how social medial channels are cultivated and used.

Social media can be a powerful tool for connecting but also for disconnecting

The duchess said that although social media is a great way of connecting, it can also end up being where disconnection happens. The mom said that irrespective of how old one is when things are fabricated that aren’t true that can be damaging emotionally and affect one’s mental health. Meghan preached patience, respect, and kindness as part of what was done during the October 10, World Health Day.

Also, she addressed the 2019 viral moment when she became so emotional during an ITV News interview. Meghan said that not many people ask her if she is okay. She explained that she didn’t think of an answer at the time of the interview but only answered honestly, but she feels the resonated with most people is because we all want to be asked if we are okay.


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