The Kardashian sisters are not taking sides following Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner’s fight despite being concerned. In a sneak peek of the next episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians show, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe are seen discussing the aftermath of the altercation.

Kylie and Kendall engage in a brawl after a disagreement

Kylie and Kendall started arguing in Palm Springs before things went physical between the sisters. This was after Kylie refused to drip off Kendall at her house. In the clip, Khloe says that there was tension already at the start of the night and dinners. She says that Kendall wasn’t at the drag show, and tension was building up, and it boiled until things exploded.

Kim agrees with the Good American mogul’s sentiments but points out that that might not have been what happened in the car. But it was dramatic enough to affect Kendall, and she wouldn’t react that way for no reason. Kin added that they had a sister fight, and Core Gamble, Kris’ boyfriend was there, and he is now at the center of it, which is annoying.

Kendall has an anxiety problem

Corey and Kylie had been drinking, and Khloe guesses that this might not have led to a logical decision. Kim added that Kendall’s anxiety might have escalated the situation. She says that Kendall has an anxiety thing that she struggles with. Kim said that it upsets hers, and she has not had such kind of adrenaline for long, which is tough.

The worst part of all this drama is, Kris is caught in the middle of it. Khloe confessed that she was sympathizing with Kendall because she has equally had her fair share of sister fight, and in such circumstances, it turns into a slew of emotions. She added that she wouldn’t take a side as that will not do anything for now but added that she was supportive of Kendall. Khloe concludes by saying she hopes the sisters figure it out.


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