Emma Roberts has revealed that she blocked her mom on Instagram after the mother accidentally leaked her pregnancy news. The actress and her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund are expecting their first kid, but she had planned to keep the news secret.

Emma Roberts wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret

On Monday, the 29-year-old was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she explained how everything transpired. The mom had accidentally spilled the beans in late august just a day after tabloids reported the same. Roberts said that she wanted to keep her pregnancy low key, but her mother’s well-intended slip-up happened. She explained that this is the reason moms and Instagram are such a bad thing, and she spilled the beans.

It appears that the excitement might have gotten the better of her mother, Kelly Cunningham. Roberts explained that her mother is not even tech-savvy and doesn’t own a computer. Until recently, she has been using a flip phone until the actress gifted her with an iPhone. Roberts says that it is her worst mistake to gift the mom the phone.

Roberts’s mom is not tech-savvy, only an iPhone recently

She explained that it all began with a Google Alert on her, something she didn’t have before. And then the mom was like, “Emma have you seen this photo from 2010?!” She was like, “yes I’ve seen that photo.” And then she got flooded with “Is this true?” and “have seen this and that?” Cunningham then got to Instagram.

Roberts says that the mother didn’t have an idea of what she was dealing with her followers exploding. She was even “catfished” by a user that pretended to be Jackson Browne. It resulted in interaction with the actress’s fans, and she thanked them with the pregnancy wishes. Roberts says it was a disaster, and she found out while on a plane, and she couldn’t get to the mom. She could call the mom or attack her. Roberts received a screenshot from a friend showing Cunningham’s interactions with fans confirming her pregnancy.


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