Nick Jonas has a lucky charm for all sports champions globally, and athletes should line up for the “Jonas Blessing” to championships.

Nick Jonas explains luck charm conspiracy for athletes

A day after Los Angeles Dodgers clinched their first World Series championship in 32 years, the Jonas brother claims that the JoBros were the reason for the victory. It is not conjectured as the 28-year old has his conspiracy theory to prove it. Nick took to Instagram to celebrate the World Series win over Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday, and he pointed out three other victories that have come after athletes attended the JoBros concert. Nick called his luck charm “the reverse of the Drake Curse” or “Jonas Blessing.”

The three victories Jonas was referring to involved Lewis Hamilton, Cody Bellinger, and Patrick Mahomes. He went back to the JoBros concert in December last year in Arizona in just 10 months ahead of this week’s World Series win, which a Dodgers star attended. “Who was there, you might ask?” Jonas asked. He said that Cody Bellinger’s attended the concert, and fast forward to October 27, the Dodgers are winners of the World Series.

Hamilton wins 92nd Grand Prix after attending JoBros concert

Jonas also pointed out that Kansa City Chiefs’ NFL Super Bowl victory came after Patrick Mahomes attended the September 2019 JoBros Concert. The luck charm seems to work even with racing, and after Formula One’s Lewis Hamilton attended the JoBros concert in February, he went ahead to win his 92nd Grand Prix last week.

According to Nick, the key to success for athletes is to attend the Jonas Brother show. The Jonas blessing is a reverse of the Drake Curse. Nick stated that talent and work ethic are oak band all, but if you want to win, it’s about the JoBros like “year 3000”, “S.O.S,” “When You Look Me in the Yes,” and “Sucker.” He concluded the video by congratulating all the JoBros loving athletes who were smart to attend the show and win championships.


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