Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski have broken up as the custody battle between Brad, and Angelina Jolie heats up. According to an insider, the relationship started having issues a while back, and it is now completely over. The insider said that the relationship was not that serious as it was cracked up.

Brad breaks up with Poturalski

The actor was first seen with the 27-year old German model in August, but the pair had reportedly been dating for almost nine months since November 2019. In September, the relationship sparked controversy when Brad took the model to the French estate, Chateau Miraval, which he co-owns with his ex-Angelina. This castle is where Angelina and Brad got married in 2008, and Brad took Poturalski to the castle on his former wedding anniversary.

The relationship with the model was never serious, and it seems Brad was not the better half that she referred to in early Instagram posts. Maybe it was her husband with whom she was in an open relationship. This little detail could have made it difficult for anyone to settle down with her.

Interestingly the only time that Brad was seen with the model was when they went to the chateau, and this was supposed to get under the skin of Angelina by flaunting a fling with a younger lady. According to an insider, Brad knew what he was doing by taking Poruralski to Miraval and the reaction he expected from Angelina. He didn’t care that she would lash put, but he expected she will.

Angelina doesn’t want 50/50 shared custody

The actor is embroiled in a custody battle with Angelina, and things recently took a new twist. There was a shakeup in Angelina’s team with Priya Sopori filing a Notice of Withdrawal of Attorney of Record to leave only Samantha Dejean, her only lawyer. It is unclear whether Angelina fired Sopori or whether she resigned, but according to a source, it is all about Angelina’s unwillingness to share custody of their children with Brad 50/50.


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